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Microsoft Windows- 10-u təqdim edir (Video)

Windows10-u görmək istəyən bu videoya baxsın

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Windows10-a gərmək istəyən bu videoyaya baxsın

operating system Microsoft has introduced a new generation of the night. However, contrary to expectations, the name of the system is not Windows 9, Windows 10 was.

It is reported on the official website of Microsoft.

Microsoft held a press conference at Francisco informed about the new operating system. Employees of the company , Terry Myerson Windows 10 released more than ever, the device can be used. It is by far the most comprehensive platform and operating system as well. Why is not reported directly to the company adladıgı Windows 9. The original version of the operating system will be available in the coming months. Completion is expected to be completed in the spring of 2015.

Windows 10 will work on every device

The new operating system, tablet, phone, TV, computer, notebook device such as a system that will not run. The store will be the only program to cihazlıar. That program is downloaded to your computer, in the same way that you can download to your phone.

PRIVATE interface device

If you are using a computer keyboard and operating system you mauslu classic desktop (desktop) will be presented. If you are using a tablet, the tablet version of the operating system will only be able to use the desktop to the touch.

Returned to the START MENU

Windows 10 desktop image draws attention to the protection of a classic moment. In particular, similar to Windows 7 does not go unnoticed. So, start (start) menu has a section in the bottom left.